Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno
  Please pay particular attention to the instructions
for completing the Description* and Resources** sections!
  1. Event type:  Select from the drop-down menu.  Here are some definitions that might help your selection:
    Adult RE:  an event under the umbrella of Adult Religious Education (e.g., spiritual quest, meditation)
    All-Church Event: several events each year to which the entire church is invited, although admission may be charged
    Community-wide Event:  event open to the public, although admission may be charged
    Film:  Social Justice films and other films to which the public is invited
    Meeting:  usually a small group discussing church-related to business
    Private event
    :  (e.g., wedding, some funerals, or a luncheon or dinner by invitation)
    Youth RE:  event under the umbrella of Youth Religious Education (e.g., OWL, mentor program)
  2. Contact: Put the name of the contact person.
  3. Contact info: Include the contact's EMail address in the contact information fields.
  4. URL: If you would like to reference a web page with more information about the event, include the URL.
  5. Description*: Click the + and a text box will appear for you to place additional information about your event, including number of attendees and detailed setup information.
  6. Resources**:  Click the + and a box will appear with a list of available resources that you can select -- the location or venue, audio/visual resources, and other resources.
    NOTE:  If CHILDCARE is requested, you must call and inform the Director of Religious Education.

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